About Us

Kaxbrel Consulting and Services, LLC. is a boutique consulting firm that was founded in 2007 to service the Banking, Financial Services, and Software Development industries.

Our clients operate at all levels of enterprise, from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium businesses. We deliver our services in a powerful and engaging way. We tailor solutions for each client with a focus on adding value and making a impact.

We are enablers!!! We help people and companies by being a catalyst for change, growth, and success through people, processes, and technology. We find solutions that enable growth, accelerate performance, reduce constraints, and transform how companies work.

Managing change and driving results in complex organizations can tax even the most experienced individual. We've succeeded in some pretty tough environments because we bring the right mix of knowledge, experience, and empathy to support your success. Knowing what to do is the first step. The Ideal.

However, the real challenge lies beyond the ideal. Getting it done right takes a bit more work. From imagination to The Impact. That's where we can help. From strategic guidance to hands-on assistance, our consultants provide fresh thinking, practical experience, and business insight led support across the entire lifecycle.

Some of the companies we have helped…

Genworth Financial
Sun Life Financial
MFA Financial
AB Bernstein
TPG Software